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KQF-B01 Motorized Ball Valve

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KQF-B01 Motorized Ball Valve

KQF-B01 series motorized ball valve is composed of valve body and driver. It has 

simple structure,credible working and strong fluid flow, is widely applied to control 

cold & hot water switching for heating, central air-conditioner, solar water heating 

system and water treatment system, is also applied to low pressure steam switching. 

The control mode is subdivided into two-position two-way and two-position three-way,

totally six specifications. In which the ball valve with B driver, could realize one-line control,

could be matched with all temperature detect switch. It could be parallel operated with 

multi-valves, is a kind of high cost performance product.


Built-in high quality inching switch, the electric motor is unenergized upon completion of start and close, 

so it has long service life, power saving and specially safe.

The shell is high strength flame-retardant engineering plastic, durable and wearable.

Adopt high quality PTFE sealing ring, with special plastic structure in two terminal, ensure the seal credible

and prolong the service life.

B type ball valve driver has inlay control circuit board,control with one line, matched with three-speed switch,

could realize multi-valves parallel operation as to save temperature controller.



Product Dimensions


Installations (Electrical Wiring, Connections)


1.     Please read instruction before installing, the installation shall be performed by technician according to wiring figure.

2.     Two-way ball valve has no stipulation on medium flow: three-way ball valve requires the medium flows from down to left or right.

3.     The driver could be installed arbitrarily, but must be above the valve body, with at least 30mm space for disassemble and assemble.Keep enough maintenance operation space to round pipe, equipment an building, but must be the place could be touched by maintenance personnel through access hole.

4.     Prohibit applying force on driver at installation, or it may damage the driver.

5.     Do not apply force on valve handle while disassembling valve body, or the valve handle will be distort and result in failure.

6.     Ordinary ball valve can not match three-speed switch, only with mechanical or electronic temperature controller; the ball valve with B type driver could be matched with various temperature controller.

7.     Observe the driver is whether could be started or stopped credibly at debugging, if the ball rotaries continuously, replace the driver, or it may shorten the life of seal.

8.     Do not warp the driver into the insulating layer.